Monday, February 26, 2007

Out of Commission

Stacy checked my ankle again last night. She told me that it has been healing much more quickly than she would have anticipated, but a look of concern crossed her face while she was poking around and asking me whether each poke hurt. When I asked her about it, she told me that now that the swelling has subsided it is becoming more evident that the places I am having pain are over the bone (which suggests to me it might be a fracture after all, although she did not say as much). Still, it's in a number of different places and she thinks it would be more localized if it really were a fracture. Plus, the pain is almost completely gone now (except when prodded). This morning it was still feeling a little bruised from last night's prodding, and so I have an icepack on as I type this. We have both agreed that I won't try running for another few days, and even then I'll just walk my route and see how that feels first. I'll go in for an X-Ray if and when she thinks its needed.

I haven't really been posting about it much, but in addition to my running I've sporadically been using the Bowflex weights I picked up a while back at Sports Authority. I'm going to use this little break to really get into the weight training. I want to work on my abs, pecs, shoulders, and biceps especially, and I should be able to do that without involving my ankle.


  1. I hope your injury is nothing serious. I can sympathize with you. I have been battling a nasty left shin splint since the beginning of the year, and rested it enough to make it through the Austin Marathon on February 18th, but now I'm completely off of it until at least mid-March. I can tell you as a veteran of 16 marathons and countless other races that these things happen, and although they might feel like setbacks, you'll come back stronger and fresher. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm definitely not giving up, though it is frustrating. Even though I just started running relatively recently, I love it and I want to be a lifelong runner. If I'm planning on running for a lifetime, then what's a few weeks downtime in the grand scheme of things?