Thursday, February 1, 2007

Couch to 5k: Week 9, Day 3 - GRADUATION!

Week 9, Day 3 - graduation!

This morning's run was fantastic. I kept a reasonably steady pace throughout, the weather was perfect, and I feel like I got a good workout. It was my typical early morning run route, which took me up Pinehurst, this time all the way passed the entrance to Freedom Park and to the school driveway.

My workout: 5 minute warmup brisk walk, 30 minute run, 5 minute cooldown walk.

I wasn't able to run yesterday, so instead I did a little weight training last night. Not too much, though - and probably not enough to make any difference: I'm not sore at all from it. Still, it's a start.

Since this was my final c25k run, I wanted to take a look back at my blog and see how I've progressed. I am amazed. Since I started:

(1) I have lost about 22 pounds (I started at 197. Now I'm 175.4);
(2) I have had to move my belt in two notches (I'm now on the tightest one and will soon need a new belt). I haven't gone shopping for pants or measured my waist, but I expect I've gone from a size 38 to probably a 34;
(3) I have gone back to wearing my dress shirts with size 16 collars (I had been wearing size 17);
(4) I no longer keep adjusting the house thermostat to make it colder, and I no longer sweat profusely in the morning while getting ready for work, two things that suggest to me that my blood pressure probably is lower now then it was when I started;
(5) My calves (actually my upper legs now, too) have some nice definition;
(6) And finally: When I started I could only run for 60 seconds with difficulty, and now I can run for 30 minutes straight.

All in all, I'd say my new workout and eat healthy routine has been a resounding success. I've designed and ordered a "c25k graduate" shirt from - I plan on wearing it with pride. One hour runner, here I come!