Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Couch to 5k: Week 8, Day 2

Week 8, Day 2
, and I'm feeling great. Today was an early morning run up Pinehurst in the dark. I tried turning off my headlamp for a moment "for old time's sake" and I couldn't believe how dark it was! That headlamp is among the best running gear that I've purchased. That and my compression shirts: love those, even though I no longer really need them to contain a jiggly stomach anymore. When I got back I checked my e-mail and found a message from the event organizer of what will be my second 5k race; the 6th Annual Jon Smith Subs Race for the Arts, on May 12. I can't wait, nor can I believe that I've gone from eating cheeseburger bombs and cheesesteaks at Jon Smith Subs a few months ago, to being pretty-much-ready to run in a 5k race sponsored by them a few months from now.

Last night I had a business dinner I had to attend. I never particularly enjoy these things (I'm an introvert and are few things I loathe more than networking) but the food generally is pretty good. For the first time since I started my exercise and "eat healthy" plan, I went off-program: I had chicken francais and apple pie a la mode. An amazing thing occurred to me while I was eating: it wasn't that great. I feel like I faced temptation and, while I did give in (albeit reluctantly), I came out the victor because it caused me to realize that I don't really miss my old unhealthy lifestyle. Even though I gained a drop (only .2 pounds) since I last weighed myself, I'm still feeling great about my progress: I couldn't wear the pants I originally chose for myself this morning because without a belt they kept falling down around my ankles! With a belt, they looked really balloony. Hammer time!

The Workout: 5 minute brisk warmup walk, 28 minute run, and 9 minutes of cooldown walking. No time to ice my legs today.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am kinda in the same boat as I dont attend any WW meetings or really have that much of a resource, I am mainly just eating better and kinda sorta keeping track. I keep it at a acceptable # and most of the time Im around 20 - 24 which is only a little bit under what is reccomended. I eat way healthier with a Apple and Banana pretty much everyday. I havent had Wendys or anything like that in a good while now and when I do go out I make sensible choices. Sometimes its hard for me, being a culinary student and all because after we make all our food, you gotta try at least a little of everything or you wont know what tastes good or bad. Overall I think Im doing really well and now that I started C25K results should show even more.
    Keep up the good work on your program and GL in your 5k even tho its a way off.