Saturday, January 13, 2007

Couch to 5k: Week 6, Day 3

Week 6, Day 3: 25 minute run today! A new PR for me and, looking at my pacing on the sportbrain chart I seem to have kept a pretty consistent tempo throughout. Looking ahead on the C25k schedule I see that I'm done with intervals, so this feels like a mini-graduation of sorts.

This was a weekend run, so I was able to go through the park. I left as soon as the sun came up. I expanded my route, though, and made it more circuitous in order to account for the extra distance I knew I'd be covering today.

The Workout: 5 minute warmup walk, 25 minutes of running nonstop, and then a nine-minute cooldown walk.

Last night we watched "Running on the Sun." I recommend it highly. It's a documentary about the Badwater 135-mile ultra marathon that takes place each year. It tracks the progress of the 40 runners as they go through a course that leads them through Death Valley, with a starting elevation of almost 300 feet below sea level and a maximum elevation on the route of about 8,000 feet above, all through temperatures that get as high as 120F. It kind of put my 25 minute run in perspective. I'd never want to do something like that, but I admire them for their superhuman feat (feet?).

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