Sunday, January 21, 2007

Couch to 5k: Week 8, Day 1

Week 8, Day 1: A Sunday run through the park - twice! I doubled back at what I once would have considered to be the "home stretch," and so I got to go through the park twice, which was great. It also was nice to be able to have the time to ice my legs when I got back, rather than hurrying up to get everyone ready for school/work. I'm so close to graduating from C25k now I can smell it! My graduation should more-or-less coincide with my arrival at Joliet, IL - the first stop on the virtual Route 66 roadtrip. Only 9 more miles until I get there.

The Workout: 5 minute warmup brisk walk, 28 minute run, 10 minute cooldown.

Today I had 14,474 steps according to my pedometer, but for some reason only 7,611 of them "uploaded" to SportBrain. I was robbed! :-(

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