Friday, January 19, 2007

Couch to 5k: Week 7, Day 3

Week 7, Day 3: Today I started out just a few minutes later than normal (I started my warm-up at about 5:10, instead of 5:05). As it turns out, that 5 minutes is critical: all of the neighborhood sprinklers were going off and I got soaked while on the sidewalk! Wouldn't be so bad, except the sprinkler water around here smells very sulfurous. I used to LOVE running through sprinklers as a kid, but I could have done without the dousing this morning.

The actual run itself went well. I covered a little more ground than I usually do. I also had my first run-in with an unleashed dog just as I was arriving back home. Luckily, it was my neighbor's new dog, Hula, and her owner was nearby. She was a little growly, but I never really felt threatened at all. She's a sweet (big) puppy and I think she was mostly just confused by all my glowing/flashing safety stuff. I'd growl at me, too.

Tomorrow is my rest day, and then Sunday begins (holy cow!) Week 8. I can so clearly recall starting out and thinking "wow! Week 8!" when seeing people posting their updates on the Cool Running check-in thread. (Then again, that was only two months ago, so I'd be a little concerned if I couldn't remember....). My weight jumped up by a half a pound, but I'm not discouraged: after all, it is just a half a pound, and it could very well be added muscle.

I'm really happy with the way that the Roadtrip group has turned out. Everyone is very friendly and supportive, and it is exactly the sort of long-range motivational tool I was hoping it would turn out to be. According to my cumulative mileage stats on Roadtrip, I've gone 23.8 miles since my start in Chicago. I'm now just 13.2 miles away from Joliet.

The Workout: 5 minute warmup brisk walk, 25 minute run, and about a 9 minute cooldown walk.

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