Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Three R's

Rain, rest, and reluctance. I haven't yet started my post-C25k adventures. Tuesday was to have been my first day of HHST, but I had to be in court in Ft. Lauderdale early in the morning so that precluded my early morning run. Since the Hal Higdon Spring Training program is a more structured program than C25k, with the long run always falling on a weekend, I didn't want to offset the days and instead decided to just put everything off for a week and use Tuesday as an extra day of rest and maybe do some light maintenance runs this week. This decision was reinforced by the fact that my left ankle and shin have been bothering me again (just a bit - don't worry, mom!), and I definitely don't want to overdo it this time 'round. Fortunately, it has rained each morning so far this week, so I feel like I have an extra excuse for not being out there running. If the weather improves, I may do some light running tomorrow, go for a walk on Saturday, and do 3 miles on Sunday, and then I'll be in good shape to begin HHST next week.

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