Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rain Delay

C25k W9D1 will have to wait one more day: this morning featured little rain but heavy and frequent lightning. I decided not to run in it. The storm reached its height at about 3 AM. By 5 AM, when I'd be heading out, it had almost fully passed - just very occasional flashes in the distance - but I still decided not to chance it. Good thing, too: a quick search on Google this morning pulled up lots of news stories about ipod-wearing joggers being struck by lightning while running. This quote, in particular, stood out to me:

His eardrums were ruptured, his jaw fractured and he suffered first- and second-degree burns from his chest — where the device was strapped — up into his ear channels, along the trail of the iPod’s trademark white earphones. He also had burns down his left leg and on the foot, where the electricity exited his body, blowing his sneaker to smithereens in the process.

The decision not to run gave me a little bit of extra time this morning. As it turns out, I needed that time to deal with a flat tire on my car. So all is well, and Week 9 will begin tomorrow.

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