Saturday, September 22, 2007

C25k: Week 9, Day 2

Yesterday was my penultimate C25k run. My office was closed, so I didn't have to do it as an early-morning run, but I woke up early nonetheless so I could go see my daughters perform in their school's "Peace Day" celebration. Lila sang a song ("One Small Voice") with her class, and Zoe read a poem about peace - each in front of 600+ other students. It was an awesome start to the day. I'm registered as a school volunteer, so I was able to sit in on Zoe's morning class and I participated in her class routine, which included morning exercises. Lots of jumping jacks and moves that looked suspiciously like they originated from the Electric Slide. It was a good warmup.

After the Peace Day festivities and some errand running, I finally got around to running at about 3 PM, making this the first time I've ever done an afternoon run. Normally I steer clear of those, because of the heat. Determined, I went out nevertheless. I'm glad I did: it was a good run. The most notable part definitely was running down 10th Avenue North, which I've taken to calling "creepycrawly alley" in my mind since that's where I always run into the spider webs, and see the snails, during my early morning runs. In the late afternoon, there were no such creepy crawlies to be found. There were, however, literally hundreds of little lizards. Little lizards are a common part of South Florida fauna, and normally I don't give them a second thought. This run, though, I couldn't help but notice them: they were everywhere! The sound of my running must have disturbed them, because as I progressed down the sidewalk they would run from the swale, across the width of the sidewalk just inches in front of me, until they reached the other side where they would jump into the bushes. It was truly an amazing sight. I amused myself by pretending I was a T-Rex, my arms loose at my sides in standard jogging form like little T-Rex arms, and that the lizards were tiny velociraptors running in fear from me. It made for a really fun run.

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