Friday, August 3, 2007

Rest Day

For this go-round of C25k, I've been on the fence as to deciding on a schedule to follow. The first time, I ran every other day. That was a slight deviation from the "official" C25k schedule, which suggests you run 3 days a week (in other words, have two days off in a row each week, plus/including a day off between each run). So, in other words, I pushed it the first time. Maybe too hard, since I wound up injured at the end. This time out, I'm not sure whether I'm going to follow the official schedule or do every-other-day again, like last time. I'd prefer to do the latter but I am worried about getting sidelined with an injury once again.

Ironically enough, if I went every-other-day then today would have been my first run of Week 2. I wound up not running this morning, but not because I decided to follow the "official" schedule. Rather, I took a day of rest because yesterday I tripped while trying to avoid falling over David, who was underfoot. I threw myself into a bookcase so as to not have my weight land on him, and I wound up jamming my toe real good. It still hurts a day later, but it's nothing major. I figured a day of rest might be a good thing. Somebody call a toe truck!

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