Friday, August 24, 2007

C25k: Week 5, Day 2

Another early morning run. It is starting to become a habit again, which is good. Wake up with the first alarm, at 4:25 AM. Turn off the alarm, go back to sleep until the second alarm at 4:45 AM. Go downstairs with my running kit (my shoebox containing all my running paraphernalia - shoes, clothes, reflectors, electronics, etc) and get dressed while watching 15 minutes or so worth of backlogged shows on the downstairs TiVo. This week I'm making my way through a recent "Doctor Who" episode, 15 minutes per day. Head out the door by 5:00 AM. Do the run, back in the door by 6 AM. Wake up the girls, get showered, load up the car and take them to school by 7:00 AM. Lather, rinse, repeat.

During my run this morning I noticed that the reflective/LED armband I wear on my right arm is dying. It is very hard to see it glow now - it used to have a bright neon glow visible even in daylight when turned on. Even if the lights go out completely, it will still be reflective. Nonetheless, I think I'll try to pick up a replacement at Sports Authority. I'm pretty sure that's where I got this one from.

Now, with Day 2 behind me, the uninterrupted 20-minute run of Day 3 is dead ahead. I can't wait! Speaking of wait - my weight was 172.1 this morning, so I'm headed back in the right direction again. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the momentum going.

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