Wednesday, August 22, 2007

C25k - Week 5, Day 1

Today was a day of Firsts:

  • First Day of Week 5 of C25k
  • First Week that the C25k routine changes multiple times within the week, rather than being the same routine for 3 times in a row.
  • First Day of School for Lila and Zoe
  • First Day back to my early morning "hit the ground running at 5AM" routine.
  • First time Lila turned 4. (Today is her 4th birthday!) Happy birthday, Lila!
The run went well. One snail stepped on, a couple of spider webs run through: so pretty much an average run. My left ankle is a little sore, but nothing too bad. One thing I had forgotten about, with these earlier runs, is the lawn sprinklers. They were on in full force as I made my way back home. Also out in full force as I rounded the final bend were lots of kids standing in the dark at their bus stops. At 5:45 AM! I don't remember being out that early as a kid. My heart goes out to them.

Since I'm now at about the half-way point of my second time through C25k, I thought I'd take a look back at my earlier blog posts to compare where I was then, as compared to now. Turns out I'm amazingly consistent. Apart from the fact that I'm slimmer now, the run itself was nearly identical. Pretty amusing, since this morning I miscalculated the timing of my half-way turnaround and wound up doing a LOT of extra walking at the end, to get back home. Looks like I did exactly the same thing the first time I did Week 5.

Today's run is on the left.
My first time through C25k run for Week 5, Day 1, is on the right.

Now that I'm in Week 5, the new annoying repeated techno song lyric of the week is spoken by a guy saying "Is this for real, or just another dream?" over and over. He should hook up with the "My love is your love, and your love is mine" lady - they'd make a good couple.


  1. Hi Dan,
    I've been checking up on that Sportbrain which isn't available here in Germany. Are there any review sites in the US that I could read up about. It seems to have had good reviews in the past but I'm interested if people are still motivated after a long time. How long have you had yours? Thanks
    M00nshine from

  2. I've had my sportbrain for about 2 years or so, and I like it very much. The one weak point is that the online community at is very lacking. There are contests and bulletin boards, but nothing nearly so active as or nikeplus. The infrastructure is there but people just don't use it. Also, as far as pedometers go it is pretty expensive (though full-featured), and there's an additional charge to be a "gold" member of the website, which enables you more access to the forums, an increased level of data reporting, etc. Here's a page I found that discusses it: