Saturday, August 18, 2007

C25k: Week 4, Day 2

Today was a weekend run through Greenacres Park, just after sunrise.

Zoe and Lila spent last night at their Nana's condo, giving us time to get the house ready for Lila's 4th birthday party this afternoon. It's going to be a Dora the Explorer-themed party. Just two kids, plus our own, but Lila (and we) are really looking forward to celebrating this milestone with her.

Have I mentioned in this blog how much I am in love with my wife? Um... according to her, I have not. So let me just say, for the record: I love you, Stacy! Seriously, I do. I ask myself every day how I managed to be so lucky. Stacy is always supportive, no matter what I do, and supporting me in my running has been no exception. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

P.S. According to her I am now forgiven and brownie points have been awarded.

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