Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mad at Myself

Argh! I'm so mad at myself! Last night I set out my running kit so that in the morning I could roll out of bed and cautiously hit the road for the first time in several weeks. My plan was not to run, just to walk and see how it made me feel. My ankle didn't really hurt at all yesterday, except maybe a little in the evening. I was ready and excited to get back to my routine. After all, I'm so close to my goal now!

The one flaw in my plan? When the alarm clock went off this morning (4:45 AM), I got up, turned it off, and crawled back into bed for another hour's sleep! This is nothing I did in my sleep - I was awake enough that I consciously decided not to run. I am my own worst enemy!

About the picture:

On a close-up view, you can see on the left face, an angry man and on the right face, a woman with a neutral facial emotion. But further back (walk some 5 meters back from your computer monitor), the faces change expression and even genders! If you squint, blink, or defocus, an angry man should substitute for the face of the woman and the left angry face should not be angry anymore.

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