Thursday, March 29, 2007

He saved everyoneofus....

Taa daa! Success!! This morning I sprang out of bed at 4:45 when the alarm clock went off, dashed into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then rushed down the stairs to gear up for my morning run. I was on the road by 5 AM, feeling good. I had intended to do less than I did this morning, and to go back to W1D1 of C25k, but when I stepped outside this morning I realized I had forgotten to synch the podcast to my nano. Rather than go back inside to get it, potentially waking David in the process (his crib is in the same room as the computer), I decided just to run to music and to dial back my running time by 2/3rds. The actual run was quite short: I did a five minute warmup walk, about 11 minutes of running, and about 12 minutes of cooldown walk. I didn't intend for my cooldown walk to be so long, but my mind wasn't really working and when the Nike+ chip (now secured in its Marware pouch on my new shoes) announced "half-way point" my brain didn't process it as "okay - time to turn around and head back home." It took another good couple of minutes before I realized that I was not on a one-way trip and needed to head back. I attribute this partly to it being so early and my brain not moving as quickly as my feet, partly because I subconsciously wanted to keep going, and partly because I was on my normal route and wasn't used to turning around so early.

I didn't feel much pain, if any, during my run. I think I felt a little twinge in my ankle at one point but it quickly passed. I hardly broke a sweat while running, which surprised me somewhat. Right now, a few hours later, I'm not feeling bad at all - I'm anxious to see how I feel tomorrow. The most eventful part of the run occurred at about the half-way point, when I ran through an invisible but massive spiderweb that must have been slung by spider-man himself. I'm glad the roads were deserted, for I must have looked like a lunatic - running, flailing my arms and continuously trying to brush the webs off of my arms, face, and hair, all the while my headlamp shining, LEDs blinking, and reflectives reflecting. I'm sure it was a sight to behold.

The new running shoes felt reasonably good. I did feel the arch, especially against the underside of my right foot, but I wouldn't describe it as feeling painful or uncomfortable; just noticeable.

Tomorrow will be a rest-day, though it hardly feels like I exerted myself today. Then on Saturday I'll do an abbreviated park run, and all next week I can do my morning runs a little bit later as the kids will be on spring break. Meanwhile, it looks like I have to start eating a bit more: I hit my goal weight last week and so I just want to maintain at my current level, but my body apparently hasn't received that message yet: I'm down another 1.5 pounds, to 164.4 - my goal weight is 167.