Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blue Suede Shoes

Yesterday I picked up my new running shoes from Runner's Edge, the running store in Boca. Only the ones I picked up are not the ones that I ordered. When I got to the store, the clerk that helped me the first time was not there. The person that assisted me this time around was just as knowledgeable, and he was not at all happy with the way the shoes I had ordered fit my feet. In his opinion, they were too wide for my narrow foot. He told me that they weren't a good fit and would wear out more quickly as a result. At his suggestion, we looked at a number of alternatives. Eventually it came down to a pair of Brooks Adreneline and a pair of Asics GT-2120's. I went for the latter. We didn't talk price at all (I'm much more concerned about the shoe fitting right than about saving a few dollars), so I was pleasantly surprised that the shoes that I chose were about $35 cheaper than the New Balance 1222's that I had ordered. Since my orthopedist follow up appointment is just around the corner, I'm going to keep these new Asics unworn. I plan to take them to the doctor's appointment and get his opinion on whether he thinks they are good for my feet. If he likes them, they will be my new running shoes. If he doesn't, the clerk said he will take them back. Actually he said they take them back even if I wear them running outside, so long as I don't run through mud and I rinse off the soles before bringing them in, but I don't plan to run before the doctor's appointment anyway.


  1. I'll be curious to see what your Doc says about the ASICS GT- 2120's. I have the 2110's -- their predecessors -- and they're great, but in the Road Runner Sports online store -- which has a great shoe guide -- they're listed as shoes for folks like me who have regular to high arches -- they have other shoes (motion control + shoes) for folks over 150 lbs and with low arches,, which is what you said you have.

    Good luck! Let us know what happens.

  2. I'll definitely let you know what he says. I suspect that you are right on target, and I need something more tailored to my low arches. That's part of why I'm keeping the shoes new and not running in them until the Ortho okays them. I basically had three professionals suggest three different things. The first professional (the Doctor) suggested the Brooks Beast. The second (Running Store clerk #1) nixed the Beast and suggested the New Balance 1222. The third (Running Store clerk #2) said that the NB1222's didn't fit me well, agreed that the Beast was not right for me, and suggested the ASICS GT-2120's. I'm hoping to get some consensus before I put any miles on. In the meanwhile, I'm going to take a look at the Road Runner Sports online store to see what their guide suggests.

  3. BTW, just so you know, your blog has been tremendously inspirational to me -- similar (albeit proportionate) physical situations with very similar goals (20+ lb. weight loss) and motivations (wife, young child).

    So far so good on the wieght loss front -- thank you -- but on the running front, after completing the C25K in January '07 and then even racing a few 4-milers here in NYC, I've been sidelined with serious shin pain -- either shin splints or stress fractures. Major bummer!

    But, today I started going to the gym and using the elliptical machine, and its absolutely wonderful to be able to run without pain -- I logged 5K after 10 days off no problem -- and no pain -- and am thinking of upping it tomorrow (when i combine it with a little stregth trianing).

    So, the point of all this is just to say thanks for starting your blog and to lend some moral support to you (or anyone) who's body might not be able to take the pounding of running on the road, to let them know that there's fitness and weightloss and body conditioning life off the road -- it may not be as much fun, but its no reason to get (as I did at first) when you learn that you have an injury that may preclude you from running the way you would like outside.

    Good luck with the Doc!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH! I am so thrilled that you've enjoyed reading my ramblings. One of the things that really helped to get me off the couch was having the supportive community I found at Cool Runnings. It's good to have running companions, even virtual ones. I'm so glad to hear that there's someone out there paralleling my running experience. I wish you a quick recovery. I think I'm going to try the elliptical, too, unless the doc clears me for take-off tomorrow.

  5. I used to run 2 miles daily in the morning. I also wear Asics GT-2120 shoes and I got it from Eastern Mountain Sports.