Friday, October 5, 2007

Where for art Me?

So, since graduating C25k on September 23, I've run precisely one time. What's up with that, you ask? I'm asking myself the same thing. It's mostly just a combination of unusually bad weather (we've had a spate of torrential downpours of late), my wanting to baby my left ankle until it stops tweaking, and my having a bad late-summer cold. The cold is in full bloom, but my ankle is better and the rain seems to have moved on. I expect I'll start HHST on Tuesday, three weeks later than expected.


  1. Boy, can I relate to this post! Last week, we had really bad weather for running (cold & rainy, etc.).

    Hope your running weather improves. As a last resort, perhaps you could run inside on a treadmill (if you've got that option)! ;-)

    It wasn't easy but I gritted my teeth & ran in the nasty, icky weather. I think it definitely helps if you've got warm, waterproof outwear. Since you live in Florida, I'm sure the weather's probably atleast warmer than it is where I live (i.e., much further up on the east coast!).

    Also, maybe it'd help motivate you if you found another running program to follow. I'm currently doing the BOHR program (i.e., Becoming A One Hour Runner), which I really like. It's a very gradual program, just like the C25K program, & follows a similar philosophy to getting back into shape. If you're interested in finding out more, the URL for that program is Scroll down a good bit of the page until you see the section on "becoming a one hour runner." Hope this helps!

    Good luck with getting back into your running. Hope your ankle feels better soon. My fiancé (Erik) is having the same trouble with his ankle & is considering swimming as alternative exercise, atleast until his ankle fully heals. Maybe this idea would work for you too?!

    BTW, what is HHST? Is that short for Hal Higdon's program? Just curious.

    Good luck with your workouts!


  2. Thanks so much for your comment - I think it was the final little push I needed to remotivate myself and get back out there again. My ankle is long since healed, the weather has been unseasonably beautiful, and my cold is a thing of the past. The only thing keeping me off the road now is, well, me. I think I will do BOHR instead of HHST. The thing I don't like about HHST is that I can't wrap my head around what to do if I should miss out on a day of the schedule (as would likely happen since my running time is pretty inflexible). HHST (which does indeed stand for Hal Higdon Spring Training). BOHR is more forgiving in that regard.

    To late to start today, but tomorrow I'm going to tie on the shoes and get out there again.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for joining the Blog Catalog group, "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!" (
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts about running, & discussing various running-related topics with you!

    So, if you need some motivation to start running again, please feel free to join in on the discussion!

    Go, Dan, go! We are rooting for you!

  4. You're very welcome, regarding my comments! And thanks for being my Blog Catalog pal. :-)

    I agree with your assessment of HHST. Best to do programs that work with your schedule, otherwise the running never seems to happen! ;-)

  5. Hello Dan, I'm absolutely impressed with your progress. I'm part of a team trying to design a better SportBrain for New Product Development class at UC Berkeley. Can I interview you for 5-10 minutes about what we could improve on this product? Thanks. Natalie (

  6. Just checking in again to see what you're up to lately. Will check back again later to see if there are any updates here. Hope you're doing well.

    I wish you a very happy, healthy New Year!

  7. Hi Dan!

    I'm on my last week of C25K. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog. I found it early on in my running experience, and I've been reading about your C25K experiences in your archives. I plan to start HHST next week.

    I think it's great how you've persevered over the past year and always got back on the wagon again, even when something (your ankle, a cold, etc.) got in the way. Keep running!


  8. Do you ever update this you lazy git!?