Saturday, October 15, 2011

He can't be serious.

Shockingly, I am back. This morning at 5:00 AM, I restarted C25K for the umpteenth time. I've graduated the program a few times, but looking back at past blog entries I see that I've started and quit quite a few times, as well. I'm determined that this go-round will fall into the first category. There's one thing in particular that I think will help make the difference -- for the first time ever, I had a running partner: my daughter, Zoe. She's 11, and she's been running in her gym class. She can already do two miles, so she's basically just humoring me while I stumble along behind her. But eight weeks from now, with another C25K graduation under my belt, I should be able to keep up. I'm looking forward to it.