Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Hour Runner, W1D1

Yesterday morning I did my first run of One Hour Runner. It was identical to the runs in the last week of C25K, so it was a pretty smooth transition. I set out a bit later than normal, so I ran after the sun was already up. This allowed me to see something I wish I hadn't:

When passing the canal that runs alongside the jogging path through Greenacres Park, I spotted something odd enough to make me stop and take a closer look. It appeared to be reptilian roadkill. There was no gore, just what appeared to be the remains of a rather large tail. Size-of-my-forearm large. I spent the rest of my run thinking that it was the remains of a baby alligator, wondering what could have done something like that to it, and wondering why there was no gore. I was nonplussed to see visual confirmation that there are, in fact, alligators lining the path that I run, but I took solace in the fact that this one was dead.

Then, on the way back, I took a closer look. I realized that it was not, in fact, an alligator tail. It was the shedded tail-skin of a snake. Given the size and diameter of the skin, I'd estimate the snake to be maybe 6-10 feet long. Probably a python. This means that there's a huge snake, now too big for its old skin, that calls my running path home. The path that I usually run in the dark. With overhanging trees. Suddenly a few spiderwebs don't seem so intimidating anymore.


  1. Hey, congrats (again) on your graduation.
    That sounds like one scary, beasty you have running around with you. Take care.

  2. Thanks so much! I just finished with the first week of "One Hour Runner" (which is basically exactly the same as week 9 of C25k) and I'm still going strong. I did change my route so that now I completely avoid the road that had the snake skin on it. Instead, now I run alongside a road with big menacing cars that speed by. All in all, it's a fair trade.

  3. Hey there! Did you stop running or just stop blogging? Either way, get back on the horse. I miss your posts!

  4. I will - I promise! And thank you...